Maastricht 148

'It is not about Maastricht, nor about something notable that is worthy of being observed' - Bart Verschaffel



Kim Zwarts projected a drawing of a grid on a map of Maastricht, his hometown. Within the citylimits there were 148 intersections. He photographed these 148 'arbitrary' locations, creating a rather more 'neutral' image of the city, and not a sequence of obvious images.

First it is about photography. The empty images are more about 'somewhere' and are not fixed to the city of Maastricht. It could be at any place, location, situation. It is abstract.

'The subject of Zwarts' images is not a point, but a place. Somewhere'. - Bart Verschaffel.


See also: Epidaurus, 1995 and Pico Blvd, 1998