US 2009 - 2016

A series of compositions in color of urban and scenic contexts, connections, history and places in the USA

2009 - 2016

St. Fronleichnam

Extensive research project to this masterpiece of modern architecture (1931) by Rudolf Schwarz

2011 - 2013


53 photos made in the peristyle of the Palais de Justice in Brussels, August 2014/January 2015. An étude

2014 - 2015

Luis Barragán

Mexican architect. All projects photographed in 1988 - 1990 and published in The Eye Embodied

1988 - 1990

Jan de Jong

Office and private house (1962-67) of Dutch architect Jan de Jong, master of the Bossche School



Motive used as silkscreen print on glass panels and in bass-relief concrete elements. Architect Wiel Arets



The National Military Museum on the former airforce base Soesterberg by architects Claus&van Wageningen


Wim Quist

Important Dutch architect, former Government architect. Complete works photographed between 1988-2012

1988 - 2012

Gerrit Th. Rietveld

25 projects for 2 monographs, in cooperation with Rietveld specialists Marijke Kuper and Kaya Oku

2001 - 2008

Palos Verdes

14 color photographs of trees, Palos Verdes, a one-day photosession in the desert of South California


Felix Claus

The complete work of architect Felix Claus, covering every project in one photograph

2001 - 2011

51, rue Raynouard

Private apartment of August Perret in Paris (1932), pioneer of reinforced concrete architecture


Alvar Aalto

20 projects photographed for Dutch company Océ, used in a publication on Finnish architect Alvar Aalto


BiB 2012

Photographs for the latest edition of bi-annual publication BiB on 6 European architectural projects


Kasteel Wijlre

Unique Gesamtkunstwerk includes castle, gardens and pavilion of artcollectors Jo and Marlies Eyck


Dom H. van der Laan

Dutch Benedictine monk and architect (1904-1991), creator of the proportion theory 'the Plastic Number'



Over 400 photographs of the construction and completion of the Academy for the Arts in Maastricht

1991 - 1993

Antoni Gaudi

10 projects photographed for Dutch company Océ, used in a publication about architect Antoni Gaudi


In Situ

Photographing on location and photographs of locations

1990 - 2012

Morphosis - the Crawford House

This residence was conceived by the Santa Monica based studio Morphosis, founded by Thom Mayne


Brinkman & Van der Vlugt

House Sonneveld in Rotterdam (1933) is one of the best preserved examples of 'het Nieuwe Bouwen'


Jo Janssen

Context related work by Maastricht based architectural firm, in close collaboration with Wim van den Bergh

1998 - 2007


Sturdy buildings and a focus on architectural urbanism mark the Amsterdam/Berlin based architectural firm

2001 - 2011


Brussels and Bruges based architectural firm using and re-using urban context to create new environments

2006 - 2011

Pico Blvd

Dividing Pico Blvd in equal parts and photographing 7 'crossings' on 03.05.1998. First of over 50 'map' series


Maastricht 148

'It is not about Maastricht, nor about something notable that is worthy of being observed' - Bart Verschaffel


Morphosis DRHS

Clusters of semi-independent units, a school on the hilside of Pomona, California


UN Studio

Transportation of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam from the constructionsite to it's final location


US 1982

First trip to SW USA and New York, photographing everything that encountered the 35 mm camera


Los Angeles 1987

Searching for abstract compositions, using streets and intersections, series of black-white photographs



Nine locations in the Faculty of Medicine were projected on a plan of the ancient Greek theatre


Rome 1985

Contrast, abstraction, Pantheon oculus, graphics, black, fragments of lights, history and C. Cardinale



Construction of the Aldo Rossi project, commissioned by the museum, prints in museum collection



Photos of 20 structural art works of Rijkswaterstaat illustrating the visual impact on the Dutch landscape

1992 - 1993

US 1984

After selling the BMW motorcycle, there was budget for a 2 months trip to the East and South-East of the US


Michael van Gessel

Contemporary Dutch landscape architect; projects photographed for the monograph Invisible Work



Develops, lets and manages homes for its own real estate investment fund

2002 - 2010

la Tourette

Convent (1957-1960) by Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, writer and theorist le Corbusier


BiB - BetonSuisse

BiB is a bi-annual publication, showing outstanding European examples of architecture using concrete

2006 - 2012

Pale Pink

A series of photographs without speed, driving on the pale pink road between Los Angeles and Chicago

1987 - 1991

Wiel Arets

First built projects of Dutch architect, photographed in 1987 in black-white and published extensively


Palos Verdes bw

47 black-white photographs of trees, Palos Verdes, a three day photosession in the South Californian desert


Vesteda Snozzi

In his 'Stoa' housing block, Swiss architect Luigi Snozzi designed this appartment for Vesteda in Maastricht



PDM is an independent implementation bureau, working in petro-chemical, steel and energy industries


NAi Hoogbouw

Series of photographs to urge the discussion about the use of High-rise buildings in the Netherlands