53 photos made in the peristyle of the Palais de Justice in Brussels, August 2014/January 2015. An ├ętude

2014 - 2015

The 53 photos of the series 'Palais' are the result of a stay in the framework of the 'artist in residence' program of Contretype, Brussels.

The series is a study of making compositions within a single location, actually the urbanistic semi-public area of the 'Palais de Justice' in Brussels, the peristyle.

A self-imposed limitation in time, location and technology increased the study nature of this task, but also the depth in searching for compositional capabilities in a limited space.

The essential questions how often one can use the same location for making compositions and how often the photographer can use the same context as a starting point, were central in this study. The series is therefore also the best seen as one whole, as one autonomous work, as an ├ętude.

The 53 compositions were made during 8 moments of shooting between August 2014 and January 2015. Small changes in light and condition of the location become visible. The peristylium changes permanently by the presence of artifacts of the users.